North American Bio-Energies, LLC.

North American Bio-Energies (NABE), currently doing business as Foothills Bio-Energies LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Incoming, Inc. Located in Lenoir, NC, this biodiesel production plant has a nameplate capacity of 5MM gallons/yr. NABE is engaged in the business of wholesaling biodiesel to distributors in the Southeast region of the United States. Our focus is on commercial grade biodiesel produced from virgin agri-based feedstock that meets the standards for biodiesel established by The American Society of Testing and Materials (“ASTM”) and adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”).

Additionally, the company sells glycerin as a secondary product to refiners and manufacturers. Glycerin is a by-product of the chemical process in which biodiesel is produced and has a wide variety of uses in end products across multiple industries, including as an ingredient or processing aid in cosmetics, toiletries, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. Glycerin, also called glycerol, can also be found in food applications as a sugar substitute or in shortenings and margarine. Additionally, it can be found in soaps and foams or even nitroglycerin, which is used in dynamite.

Community Initiatives

We are currently partnered with neighboring universities for research opportunities and exposure as well as negotiating with local farmers for feedstock contracts. We believe in the benefits of maintaining a good relationship with the community in which our facilities are located and intend to continue with community initiatives while also pursuing grant opportunities from various state and federal programs.

Get In Touch

For sales inquiries or partnership opportunities please feel free to contact our plant manager Randy Dellinger at the number below:

815-D Virginia Street SW
Lenoir, NC 28645
p. 828.759.7101

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