R. SAMUEL BELL – Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bell has served as a Director of the Company since August 24, 2010 and became Chief Executive Officer on September 7, 2010. Previous experience includes: President and owner of Fred H. Wood Oil Company, Inc., a petroleum distributor, from 2004 to the present; President and owner of Echols Oil Company, Inc., a petroleum distributor, from 1997 to the present; and President and owner of Global Petroleum Services, LLC, an investment banking firm that specializes in the oil industry, from 1988 to the present. Mr. Bell is also a member of the Executive Board for the South Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association and the Board of Directors for the National Oilheat Research Alliance. He also serves as an Executive Board Member, National PAC Chairman and Southeast Vice Chairman of the Petroleum Marketers of America Association.

AARON GAY – Director

Aaron Gay has served as a Director of the Company since March 17, 2011. He is both a well-respected and qualified engineer as well as a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience growing multi-million dollar engineering and construction related businesses. As founder of Quality Plus Services, Inc., a national engineering and construction company, in 1995 he has grown the business to annual revenues of $70 million. Mr. Gay then became CEO of Carr Electrical Technology, Inc., a national construction company, in 1998 where he was directly responsible for elevating this business to its current $15 million in revenues. In 2006, Mr. Gay began operating BW Excavating – an excavation and pollution control company, which has grown rapidly to approximately $4 million in revenues in just a few short years. His reorganization and acquisition track record is pristine, having generated a profit for each business every year under his leadership.

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